Ecopath with Ecosim 6.7 beta (EwE40 edition) – 32 bit

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  • Version 6.7- 32-bit
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  • Create Date 23/05/2024
  • Last Updated 06/06/2024

Ecopath with Ecosim 6.7 beta (EwE40 edition) - 32 bit

EwE 6.7 beta build 18865 provides a pile of new features and bug fixes, such as:

  • Added new Ecosim group and fleet plots
  • Added new time series types to dynamically alter Ecopath fishing costs proportions, prices
  • Added non-additive mortalities
  • Added the ability to link the recruitment of two multi-stanza groups
  • Added the ability to export time series from Ecosim, which will also produce a template with all available time series types
  • Added the ability to import taxa fom a CSV file
  • Added Monte Carlo diet samping using normal distributions
  • Added a Windows integration plug-in to stop Windows from restarting or sleeping when runn
  • Added an option to compact EwE models automatically when saving
  • The Pro and Regular editions are provided through one and the same installer
  • The spatial temporal framework can drive currents
  • Spatial temporal data can now be brought forward without having to copy maps, repeating the first year
  • Spatial temporal data can also be extended without having to copy maps, repeating the last year
  • One can now define the spawning proporion of multi-stanza groups
  • Moved catchabilties to a new time series type
  • Standardized the display of time series
  • The Ecospace IBM works with currents and EcoTracer
  • Expanded how Ecospace works with regional averages
  • Ecospace maps are now compressed in the model, which saves a lot of space
  • Stepwise Fitting is now multi-threaded and runs way faster if you have the processors to do soing simulations
  • Pedigree definitions can be imported from other models
  • Added other mortality forcing and functional responses, allowing for lethal effects
  • Other mortality functional responses can be driven by contaminant concentrations
  • Added support for user-defined shape functions
  • Network Analysis no longer runs "by accident"
  • The AutoSave and AutoRun system is now applied more consistently throughout EwE
  • EcoInd map saving made more robust
  • Run Ecosim by default hides effort/F sketch panel, but this can be revealed with an option on the form
  • Run Ecospace opens the graph view by default to speed up runs. Drawing maps takes time
  • ASCII maps can be dropped right onto the Ecospace Maps legend list for quick uploading of map data
  • Users can transfer, export and import Ecospace layer styles
  • Centralized the use of colur gradients, and added colourblind colour gradients too
  • MSP Tools is integrated in EwE 6
  • MSP Tools has been expanded to incorporate new fisheries dynamics
  • and much more...

Happy 40th birthday, EwE!