Who we are

Ecopath.org is the official website for the Ecopath with Ecosim food web modelling approach. Our website address is http://ecopath.org, which is maintained by Ecopath International Initiative.

What data does this website collect

We at ecopath.org do not collect or store any personal information:

  • Visitors cannot sign in to this website
  • Visitors cannot leave comments
  • Visitors cannot upload any data
  • Ecopath.org does not have a contact form; we use traditional email instead

Ecopath.org uses WordPress technology and a limited number of WordPress plug-ins. Ecopath.org also uses Google Analytics to gather website traffic statistics. These third-party services may collect data that is exposed through your Internet connection such as your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, and your Internet browser. Please refer to many Internet sources how to hide your IP address using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and how to limit access to your online fingerprint.


The third-party tools that Ecopath.org uses may leave browser cookies on your computer to connect your browsing experience to earlier visits. We at ecopath.org do not read cookies, but the third-party tools that this website relies on may try to learn as much as possible about your browsing habits.

Be vigilant and block at least third-party cookies in your browser.

EwE desktop software

The Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) desktop software utilizes the Internet for a few tasks, such as:

  • Start page content: upon launch, the EwE desktop shows a start page. This start page is hosted at ecopath.org. The start page load request is accompanied with version information of the EwE desktop software and loaded plug-ins. The EwE development team uses this version information to have an idea which releases of EwE are being used.
  • Start icon: we occasionally change the EwE icon to commemorate important events. The latest icon is obtained from the server.
  • License validation: the Pro edition of EwE occasionally connects to a license server to check the status of a license. Only the license ID is transmitted here.
  • Miscellaneous content: some plug-ins rely on Internet access to exchange data with EcoBase, search taxonomy databases, access remote data to drive models, etc.

Note that the EwE software does not send any information that can identify you.