ECOPATHEcopath with Ecosim (EwE) is a free ecological/ecosystem modeling software suite. EwE has three main components: Ecopath – a static, mass-balanced snapshot of the system; Ecosim – a time dynamic simulation module for policy exploration; and Ecospace – a spatial and temporal dynamic module primarily designed for exploring impact and placement of protected areas. The Ecopath software package can be used to

  • Address ecological questions;
  • Evaluate ecosystem effects of fishing;
  • Explore management policy options;
  • Analyze impact and placement of marine protected areas;
  • Predict movement and accumulation of contaminants and tracers (Ecotracer);
  • Model effect of environmental changes;
  • Facilitate end-to-end model construction.

Latest release

The latest release of Ecopath with Ecosim is version 6.6.7, released in April 2022.

EwE 6.7 is in the works with exciting features such as shared arenas, other mortality forcing, multi-threaded stepwise fitting, colourblind themes throughout the UI, and the ability to preserve and restore Ecospace mid-run for reducing run loads.


July 2021: The EwE bi-monthly seminars have resumed. See Seminars for recordings and oncoming events

On 22 April 2022 Bob Ulanowitz will present about his life’s work. Please register to attend the live event