Thank you for installing Ecopath with Ecosim!

The following online resources may help to get the best out of the software:

EwE Wiki

The EwE wiki provides user resources, beta testing resources, and resources how to access and program with the EwE source code


Answer EwE-related questions of software users like you, and post your own questions in case you get stuck using EwE.


You can freely access a range of EwE models, download some of them, and contribute your own published models to this free online repository.

EwE is developed 100% without core funding, but we need your involvement to keep the engine running!

User support

Reserve a pot of hours to directly contact the EwE core team with technical and scientific questions.


Bring your own ideas to the EwE software, implement and apply them with the EwE core team, and once published, release your additions with a future version of EwE

Go pro!

Purchase a personal researcher or a team license of the EwE software, and get access to the spatial temporal data framework

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