Ecopath with Ecosim 6.6.6 – 64 bit

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Ecopath with Ecosim 6.6.6 - 64 bit

EwE 6.6.6, build 17608, provides a number of patches to earlier releases, and adds minor functionality:

  • Fixed a number of stability bugs throughout the EwE user interface
  • Fixed a number of default values that mostly affect Ecospace
  • Fixed a number of bugs that prevented deletion of Ecosim and Ecospace scenarios under specific conditions
  • Fixed FiB calculations in some models
  • Fixed PreBal consideration of visible or hidden groups
  • Fixed a bug where set Catch pedigree values could only be set in balanced models
  • Revised and fixed MPA Optimizations algorithm and user interface
  • Revised and fixed Fishing Policy Search algorithm and user interface
  • Fixed pelagic and demersal indicator calculations in EcoIND
  • EcoIND now runs with Monte Carlo simulations
  • ENA now only runs for balanced models
  • Price elasticity incorporated when predicting Ecosim effort
  • Updated to .NET framework 4.7
  • Simplified font settings
  • Added EcoEngineer plug-in
  • Adding ability to customize color ramps