Ecopath 6.6 Beta 5 – 32 bit

Version Ecopath 6.6 Beta 4 (32 bit)
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Create Date May 20, 2019
Last Updated September 18, 2019

EwE 6.6 Beta 4, compiled on 20 May 2019. Key changes:
- Monte Carlo, Ecosampler have been extensively debugged
- Added ability to copy Ecospace layer styles
- Added ability to interrupt stepwise fitting
- Added ability to bypass Ecospace habitat gradient calculations to use "true" capacity
- Added computed capacity form (Navigator > Ecospace > Input > Habitat based foraging)
- Added ability to run EcoIND for Ecospace annually (instead of every time step)
- Added Ecopath baseline to EcoIND histogram graphs
- Added AutoRun control panel, included major plug-ins in this system
- Debugged spatial temporal data connectivity, saving, loading - major work done here
- Debugged generation of legend images for Ecospace maps
- Debugged Ecospace map rendering, fixed memory leak
- Debugged Ecospace spin-up initialization
- Improved grid copy/paste behavior
- Improved grid text import speed
- Fixed major issue when failing to locate plug-ins on some systems
- Fixed a large number of minor issues